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VAR is a lifeline for beleaguered referees

Massimo Busacca still remembers the sleepless nights.

(Ah Fat Talk Ball) - FIFA's director of refereeing was himself a match official for 15 years and knows how much suffering and soul-searching that referees go through after a bad performance.

For Busacca, the video technology system (VAR) which will be used at this year's World Cup in Russia to help referees, is a much-needed safety net that could end their purgatory.

Busacca, whose own career included two World Cups and a Champions League final, remembered refereeing one "important" Champions League match where there was a sending-off offence but he was not sure which player had committed the foul.

He did not have VAR to turn to, so he did what he thought was the next best thing -- and asked the players involved.

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