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Tiger Woods economy roaring as Masters approaches

Tiger Woods is back in Green Jacket contention and from country club bars to boardrooms, the former world number one is once again the tide lifting all boats in the golfing world.

Golf television ratings are trending upwards, so are equipment and ball sales while Masters tickets and even tips are experiencing a 'Tiger Bump' as a rejuvenated Woods returns to the U.S. Masters for the first time in three years.

Much of the buzz being generated around golf's first major is emanating from a 42-year-old golfer who is closer to qualifying for the Seniors Tour (open to players 50 and over) than his last victory at Augusta in 2005.

But nothing gets the sporting public revved up more than a compelling comeback story and Woods is writing one for the ages.

The greatest player of his generation, Woods dominated golf like few athletes in any sport ever have.

A prodigious talent who first appeared on television swinging a golf club at two years old, Woods grew into a champion by winning 14 majors in swashbuckling style. He became a crossover celebrity and very wealthy with career earnings totalling $1.7 billion according to a 2017 report by Forbes.

Having climbed to such great heights, Woods' fall from grace that started in 2009 has been all the more shocking.

A tawdry divorce, a DUI and years and years of injuries, surgeries and failed treatments sent sponsors scurrying.

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