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Latin Americans fans buying FIFA World Cup tickets faster than Europeans

(Ah Fat Talk Ball) - Latin American fans are buying tickets for the World Cup in Russia faster than Europeans, according to figures published by global soccer body FIFA on Tuesday.

FIFA said that 394,433 tickets were sold in the most recent sales period and 216,134 of those were allocated to fans from the host nation.

Fans from the United States were the biggest buyers among foreign supporters with 16,642 tickets, even though their team has not qualified. However, as the numbers are based on country of residence, a proportion of the U.S. sales could come from the nation's large Hispanic community.

The next five biggest purchasers were Argentina (15,006), Colombia (14,755), Mexico (14,372), Brazil (9,962) and Peru (9,766).

Germany, whose team are the defending champions, was the top European nation with 5,974 tickets allocated while China (6,598), Australia (5,905) and India (4,509) completed the top ten.

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