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Amen Corner, where Masters prayers are answered and ignored

Like a holy pilgrimage they gather in Amen Corner for one week every year to worship at golf's grand altar tucked away in the farthest corner of the Cathedral of Pines.

Augusta National does not embrace or shy away from the religious references but make no mistake, this breathtaking piece of golfing real estate, an iconic stretch featuring holes 11, 12 and 13, is both Lourdes and Mecca for golf fans, where U.S. Masters prayers are sometimes answered but often ignored.

It was the great American golf writer Herbert Warren Wind, searching for a way to describe the trio of holes, who coined the name Amen Corner in 1958.

Wind would later reveal the moniker came from the title of a jazz album he had liked called "Shouting in that Amen Corner", and fans have been roaring there ever since.

Stroll around Amen Corner in the early dawn and it is a place so serene it is as if it were the inspiration for a Claude Monet landscape.

Take that same walk on any afternoon during the four rounds of the Masters and Amen Corner has become a seething cauldron of devilish holes that more often than not figure in the outcome of who will wear the coveted Green Jacket.

Masters history is full of 'Amen' moments penned by some of golf's legendary figures like Byron Nelson, who surged through the turn in 1937 with a birdie and eagle at number 12 and 13 en route to the claiming the year's first major.

More recently Jordan Spieth discovered the dangers that lurk at Amen Corner as he watched in 2016 his Masters title defence sink in the waters of Rae's Creek that guard the 12th green.

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