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English FA chief Martin Glenn apologises over Star of David comment

English FA chief executive Martin Glenn apologised on Monday over comments he made regarding political and religious symbols in which he included the Star of David and the Nazi swastika among those that should be kept out of the game.

Glenn was speaking about Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola wearing a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan independence. The former Barcelona coach is facing FA charges for breaching rules forbidding the display of political symbols.

Glenn said he wanted to keep such symbols out of the game and that the British tradition of wearing a poppy to remember the country's war dead was not a political matter.

Glenn's comments were criticised by Jewish Leadership Council CEO Simon Johnson who said the examples used were "ill-judged and in poor taste".

Glenn said he would be speaking to the Jewish Leadership Council and anti-racism group Kick It Out to apologise personally.

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