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Bright moving light in night sky sparks alien invasion fears

A mysterious glowing light moving across the night sky sparked fears. In a series of videos, taken by residents, a large ball of light is seen hanging in the night sky for several minutes.
Gradually, the ominous orange glow moves further away and eventually extinguishes in the far distance.
Many residents managed to film the bright light, with several videos going viral across social media. At the time, many people were concerned about the ball of light and jumped to the conclusion it was an alien space craft.
However, others were quick to point out that the luminous body could be a flare or some other fired object.
The strange sighting took place in the town of Ocana in Norte de Santander, Colombia.
Local media said the authorities, as well as local residents, are still trying to find out exactly what the light was. According to witnesses, the orange glow disappeared close to the neighbouring town of Aguas Claras.

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