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Cops steal smartphones with riot shields during police raid

Five policeman have been accused of theft after lining up to steal phones during a raid. They have been summoned to answer questions about their involvement after a dozens of items were taken which took place at a shopping mall in Mexico on Boxing Day.

In the CCTV an officer dressed in riot gear can be seen smashing one of the glass display cabinets with his shield.
Others were spotted grabbing phones from shelves and store cupboards and stashing them inside the police uniforms. The cops had originally been called to the shopping centre after reports of a gang of thieves targeting the phone shop.
In a press conference the country's Attorney General's office is now investigating and has summoned five officers to testify.
"We are doing analysis of the images, we are asking for the log of who was in charge that day, related to the operation and we have already identified images of five elements that have already been cited to appear."

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