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Tourist kills endangered bear with a machine gun

The tourist pointing an assault rifle at the caged Asian black bear before killing it with a single shot to the head.
The tourist has claimed in an interview that the bear was captured and caged by local authorities in the Wa Special Region 2 in Myanmar's northern Shan State.
They gave him permission, and the firearm, to put it down, he explained.
The man was quoted by local media as saying: "The bear had injured people and was caught. We were just passing by and were curious. They gave us permission to shoot it."
The footage caught the attention of forestry officials in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in China's south-western Yunnan Province, who began investigating the incident as a possible poaching case.
A forestry official surnamed Jing said: "According to our investigations, the individual is from Shandong Province and the video was filmed while he was in Myanmar."
This detail means the man is unlikely to be punished for killing an animal which belongs to a second-class state-protected species in China, and which is classified as "Vulnerable" in the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species.
The police are continuing to look into the case and have promised to announce their results. In the meantime has asked for his "name to be cleared" and for social media users to stop harassing him.

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