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Wee: March polls claims are no surprise

PETALING JAYA: It is no surprise that pundits are predicting that the 14th general election will be held between February and April, says Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.
The MCA deputy president said there was a high probability of the elections falling within the three months since the Parliament will automatically dissolve in June next year. 
“As for MCA, we are ever ready,” he said.
Dr Wee, who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, was commenting on an Economist report that speculated that the elections could be held after the flood season and Chinese New Year. 
“The Government has taken people’s problems into consideration.
“Besides making sure the people have employment and business opportunities, the Government has also tried to lessen their burden due to the rising cost of living,” he said.
Attention was given to small and medium entreprises, which make up 90% of all businesses in the country, Dr Wee added.
He cited Secretariat for the Advancement of Malaysian Entrepreneurs (SAME) under the Prime Minister’s Department, SME Bank, SME Corp and soft loan schemes for SMEs as Government’s efforts to assist the SMEs.
“With these undertakings, the SMEs can really feel that the Government is helping them.
“Perhaps in the past, there was a lack of information flow to the people, but now resources are shared across ministries and agencies,” Dr Wee said.
He added that MCA, with its close links to China’s Communist Party, has also doubled its efforts in helping SMEs to venture into China through business matchings and business sessions.
MCA held its 64th annual general meeting last weekend.
The central delegates pledged to “fight” in the next general election for the party, which now boasts a stronger and more united front.
MCA vice-president Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said MCA was all ready to give its all this time, after the less-than-satisfactory results in the past two general elections.
In taking stock of MCA’s recent contributions, Chew said MCA has been championing moderation by rejecting extremism and theocratic ideology.
The party, she said, has also forged close relations with Chinese groups, including the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia and Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia.
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