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Twenty injured in Rawang express bus crash

PETALING JAYA: Twenty people were injured when an express bus crashed into the divider and overturned at the North-South Expressway near Rawang.
Out of the 20, nine sustained serious injuries
Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Mohd Sani Harul said his men were alerted of the incident at 4.52am on Sunday.
He added some of the passengers were already brought to the Sungai Buloh Hospital by ambulances before firemen arrived at the scene.
The bus then fell into a trench and overturned.
He added the bus was travelling from Sungai Petani to Kuala Lumpur before heading to Kuantan. There were 24 passengers including eight women and two children as well as the driver and co-driver on board.
“Most of the passengers were asleep when it happened,” he said adding that checks on the driver showed that he did not have any previous traffic offences but there were 19 previous offences since 2012 under the registration number of the bus.
Supt Lim said the police would carry out urine tests on the driver and co-driver to check whether they were on drugs.
As of 7.30pm, Supt Lim said there were only four victims being treated in the red zone of the hospital, including the driver and co-driver
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