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Take action against extremists, Gerakan urges police

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan has urged the police to take action against extremists as they are a thorn in the flesh of the country.
Party president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong, in his policy address at Gerakan’s 46th National Delegates Conference here on Sunday (Nov 12), also urged the media to stop giving extremists face and space.
He said Gerakan welcomes and fully supports the statement by the Rulers Council (Majlis Raja Raja Melayu) in condemning the actions of individuals  and groups who put harmony in Malaysia’s multi-ethnic and multi-racial society at risk.
“Indeed, some have gone too far, like individuals who create segregated laundries or preachers claiming that non-Muslims cannot cut the hair of Muslims.
“Although these voices of extremism are in the minority, we must deal with them strictly because if not, they will be a cancer or a thorn in the flesh of our country’s harmony,” said Mah.
Gerakan, said Mah, also called on the Ministries of Education and Higher Education to ensure that moderation is made a subject in schools, colleges and universities.
“We need to entrench the values of moderation so people not only accept Malaysia as a moderate country, but also work assiduously towards ensuring that extreme views do not gain a footing in Malaysia,” he said.
Mah also called on media outlets to stop giving publicity to extremists.
“I urge the media to stop giving airtime to extremist groups. The National Union of Journalists must adopt a charter of moderation and not give space to extreme views.
“They (extremists) will naturally perish if we deny them space to air their message,” he said.
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