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PM praises surau and mosques that sheltered flood victims

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has praised those who opened the doors of Muslim places of worship to shelter flood victims without prejudice.  

In a statement via his Facebook page Tuesday, the Prime Minister said Islam teaches us to love, and cited Prophet Muhammad as an example who gave shelter to all, regardless of religion, should they require help.  

“To me, the surau and mosques that opened their doors as a place of shelter for flood victims, regardless of race and religion, did the right and just thing, which should be commended.

“This is the spirit of 1Malaysia Negaraku that should be emulated,” he added.  

On Monday (Nov 6), a surau in Taman Free School, Penang, gave shelter to flood victims regardless of their religious background.    

According to reports, the surau took in some 60 flood victims when the water level started to rise early Sunday (Nov 5).  

A photograph of the surau with flood victims sitting inside had gone viral on social media with netizens praising the action.

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