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Malaysia leads first joint air patrols over Sulu Sea

KOTA KINABALU: A trilateral initiative for surveillance over the Sulu Sea has taken off with a Royal Malaysian Air Force C130 aircraft carrying out the first patrol on Wednesday.
The aircraft departed from Tawau airport at 10.10am to kick off the joint patrols, which include Indonesia and the Philippines.
Tawau Maritime Command Centre Commander (MCC) Captain P. Pulendran said the three countries would take turns every month to carry out the surveillance as part of the Trilateral Air Patrol (TAP) agreement.
"The TAP is to complement the Trilateral Maritime Patrol to ensure the Sulu Sea is free of militant activity and trans-border criminals," he said at a briefing prior to the launch of the first surveillance flight.
Pulendran said any information gathered during the surveillance would be channelled to the MCC as well as the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) and Joint Regional Command Centre (JRCC).
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