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Duo vow to share knowledge gained in London

KUALA LUMPUR: Their mission is not only to learn the highest standard in men’s haircuts at the prestigious London School of Barbering.
For Dzulbakhtiar Rajudin, 33, and Afian Mohamad, 29, returning home and sharing every bit of knowledge they acquire there with their fellow barbers is an equally important task.
They are among the 20 participants who were handpicked by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) to undergo its first-ever Hair In Trend (HIT) Barber Programme 2017.
The pair received the HIT London 2017 awards on Thursday night.
“I promise that after my return, I will share every morsel of knowledge that I gain in London with others in the industry.
“I will not withhold any knowledge for myself, not even an inch,” said Dzulbakhtiar.
“The HIT Barber programme is helping to raise the standards of local barbers to a higher class and more professional level.
“Through the programme, we will become highly prestigious barbers with more knowledge compared to others,” he added.
Dzulbakhtiar, who has been operating a unisex hair salon in Gemencheh, Negri Sembilan, since 2009, plans to open two more shops in Melaka and Negri Sembilan under the brand HIT Barber Premium, aimed at catering to a high-end clientele.
“There should be no misunderstanding or envy among industry players in barbering. We should all unite, cooperate and share knowledge,” he said.
Afian, who operates a barber shop in Sungai Petani, Kedah, said the HIT Barber programme is helping people to realise the potential that the barbering industry possesses.
“It used to be that people did not really care about the barbering industry.
“But after MARA carried out this programme, people are realising the industry’s potential,” he said.
“The HIT Barber programme ensures that the barbering industry in the country does not simply become a fad or a trend.
“Getting us involved in opening HIT-branded shops guarantees that an exclusive and premium barbering experience will always be available for Malaysians,” he said.
Afian said he is toying with the idea of opening a HIT Premium Barber shop in Penang, as the island lacks exclusive barber shops.
As for HIT Best Commitment Award 2017 winner Mohd Yousman Mustaffa, 33, he is also planning to open a HIT Premium Barber shop in the future.
“Participants are given three options: to open a HIT Premium Barber, HIT Mobile or HIT Express Cut. We can choose according to our interests,” said Mohd Yousman, who operates a barber shop in Jerantut, Pahang.
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