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Become a potato arms dealer or build an empire in new mobile games

Yes, you could read the news on your smartphone during your morning commute. But doesn't building an empire in eight minutes or becoming a master potato arms dealer sound more fun?
These select mobile games let you do all that and more:
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
Many video game heroes – whether knights, ninjas, gunslingers or snipers – need weapons, even if they're all potatoes.
The simulation game Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! by Daylight Studios lets you close lucrative arms deals with them to build and expand your business empire.
You'll have to carefully map out all of the production stages: weapon design, production, refinement and, if necessary, a magic spell. As profit increases, so do your opportunities.
For US$4.99 (RM21) , you can work your way to becoming a master potato arms dealer on iOS and Android.
Data Wing
How does all the data within a computer or on the internet actually get from one place to another? If you want to believe the racing game Data Wing by Dan Vogt, a small triangle delivers data by maneuvering through winding racetracks. This may not be scientifically correct, but it's certainly fun.
In addition to the gameplay, the game also comes with a good story that is told between races.
Data Wing is available free of charge for iOS and Android.
Eight-Minute Empire
Many people dream of building an empire. Based on the board game of the same name, Eight-Minute Empire by Acram Digital lets you do that in just eight minutes.
Up to five players attempt to conquer a small empire and alternately draw cards that allow them to take action. They can raise troops, occupy countries, build cities, attack enemies or gather resources.
Since everything is happening within a confined space, players are directly affected by each move while trying to expand their part of the empire and keep their enemies at bay.
While the game is easy to understand and makes rounds fast and enjoyable, it lacks the depth of similar strategy games.
Eight-Minute Empire can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play for US$4.87 (RM20.50).
If you're looking for a slightly different puzzle game for your smartphone, you may want to check out Tarik Canturk's Motif.
Your task is to re-create complex geometric shapes that resemble snowflakes. Although these structures consist of only simple lines and shapes, they create complex patterns when rearranged at the right angle. Despite the complex challenges, handling the controls is fairly straightforward.
Motif for iOS costs US$0.99 (RM4.20).
Metroid: Samus Returns
Samus Aran is back. The alien hunter is returning to battle space pirates and the Metroids on the Nintendo 3DS.
Originally developed for the Game Boy, Metroid: Samus Returns has been reprogrammed from scratch. Instead of the grainy black-and-white visual from 1991, you'll find colourful 3D graphics, vivid animations and movie-like elements.
The gameplay has also been updated, though at its core, it's still an action-packed adventure game featuring a huge maze of nasty enemies, hidden secrets and spectacular boss fights.


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