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28 hikers trapped on Gunung Jerai rescued

SUNGAI PETANI : The 28 hikers trapped while on an expedition to Gunung Jerai were rescued after spending about 12 hours stranded at the middle of the hill due to a swollen river caused by heavy rain.
State Fire & Rescue Department Senior operations commander  Abd Razak Ahmad said, that the Yan Fire & Rescue Station received a distress call of the incident at about 4.46pm on Saturday (Nov 4).
“A fire engine was despatched to the scene and reached their base camp at Titi Hayun in Yan, about 15 kilometres from the station  at about 5pm to carry out the search and rescue operation,” said Abd Razak.
He added that it took the rescue team some two hours to cross two rivers and hike up the hill to meet the hikers.
“23 rescuers comprising personnel from the fire and rescue stations, police, civil defence force, voluntarily rangers, community police, St. John Ambulance took part in the ops,” said Abd Razak
The 28 hikers aged from 28 to 57, comprising 23 women and 5 men are from the Perak Health Department.
Three of the women sustained light injuries to their legs.
Abd Razak advised hikers to leave the area when it begins to rain continuously as the situation is potentially dangerous.
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