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ZTE's twin-screen Axon M is a flip phone for the smartphone age

Rather than a handset with a flexible, folding screen, Chinese manufacturer ZTE's Axon M is a spectacular fold-up smartphone that has two displays on a hinge. 
The age of the folding smartphone is now upon us with the launch of the ZTE Aton M and its two 5.2in displays (1,920 x 1,080 pixels each). The twin-screen setup lets users get the best out of Android's multitask capabilities.
The phone offers various viewing modes, such as using one application per screen, playing a game or watching a video across both screens (expanded mode, equivalent to 6.75in), mirroring the same content on both screens, or simply using just one screen like a traditional handset.
Another surprising feature on the spec sheet is the sole 20-megapixel camera, which, due to the phone's unusual format, serves as the main camera and the selfie camera.
Otherwise, the Axon M has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM. It has 64GB of onboard storage (expandable), a quick charge mode, a fingerprint reader and a headphones jack.
This handset is due for release in 2017 in Japan (via DoCoMo) and the USA (AT&T), before a possible arrival in Europe sometime in 2018. Pricing has not been announced.
This smartphone is something of a curiosity. It could be a forerunner to a new, much anticipated, generation of flexible, folding handsets, currently being researched at various mobile makers, in particular market leader, Samsung.


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