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Security officers to be trained to recognise terror threats

SINGAPORE: Security officers will be given training to recognise potential terror threats by 2020, in a bid to better equip them to detect and deter potential attacks.
All security officers, except for those deployed at warehouses and condominiums, will be required to complete a two-day Workforce Skills Qualification course by Jan 1, 2020, the police said yesterday.
The course will cover awareness of terrorist threats, as well as observational skills to recognise people, vehicles and objects that could be threats.
While security officers play an important role in helping to protect property and generally deter crime in Singapore, the rising threat of terrorism necessitates that they upgrade their skills and competencies, the police said in a statement.
The police estimate that about 80% of all active security officers will complete the training, and said they will consider subsequently extending the requirement to all security officers.
Those who do not complete the training by the deadline will still be able to retain their licences, but can be deployed at only warehouses and condominiums.
Licensed security officers are trained in guard and patrol services, and in handling security incidents.
The training is one of several efforts in recent years to boost Singapore’s readiness in the event of a terrorist attack.
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