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Rep posts pictures to rebut ‘flat land’ claims

GEORGE TOWN: Following numerous announcements about the “flat terrain” of the construction site in Tanjung Bungah where 11 workers died in a landslide, the area’s assemblyman has resorted to showing proof, instead of talking, to rebut the claims.
Teh Yee Cheu posted 10 photographs of the land – which he took between 2014 and 2015 before construction began – on his Facebook page yesterday.
He included a message in Chinese that said: “Is this hilly or flat land? What say you, YB Jagdeep?”
On Tuesday, state Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo insisted that the land where the construction site was situated was flat.
“I don’t know where he received his information from to say that the land is flat.
“I personally took these pictures of the land when I saw the developer put up the construction notice board,” he said.
Although Teh is a government backbencher, he has been vociferously critical of the state government on issues such as hill clearing and environment protection.
In another development, the funeral of Yuan Kuok Wern, the only Malaysian victim of the tragedy, saw the cortege headed by a superbike convoy.
At the forefront of the procession was a family member riding Yuan’s prized possession, a sleek and sporty black Honda CBR500R.
“He was a good friend of ours and we wanted to pay our last respects in this way,” said Ong Chin Yeaw of the Superbike Caring Group who, along with 17 fellow members, formed the convoy yesterday.
He said Yuan had joined them on several superbike excursions but could not take part as often as he wanted to because he was busy with his career.
Hundreds of family members and friends came to the family home in Sungai Ara to pay their last respects.
The cortege left for the Batu Gantung crematorium after final rites were conducted.
On Oct 21, 11 workers, including Yuan, were killed when a landslide occurred at the construction site.
Here are more pictures taken from Teh's
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