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Ministry: RM100 a reasonable charge for two plates of 'nasi campur' with prawns

KUANTAN: The Pahang branch of the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry has confirmed that the RM100 charge for two plates of rice and dishes was a fair price and not an offence.
The RM100 charge for the two-person meal shocked netizens after a customer shared details of her experience on social media last week.
Its director Sharuddin Jali said investigations on the store found that the charge was reasonable as the price of prawns was determined according to grades displayed in the restaurant.
"Checks revealed that the photograph which went viral showed two pieces of prawns when the total number taken was four pieces including other vegetable and squid dishes.
Sharuddin added that no action could be taken against the outlet owner as he did not commit any offence.
He urged the public to check on the price list or enquire on the price before helping themselves to the food, to avoid any problem.
Last week, a woman uploaded on her Twitter account of having to pay RM100 for a meal which she had with her husband at a shop at Jalan Leban Chondong Kuala Rompin.
The woman uploaded a photograph of the receipt and the meal which included two pieces of prawns with the comments "Is the price of the food at this shop really like this? Or did my husband eat a mermaid?", which received various reactions from netizens.
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