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Matilda Tao leaks photo of Jay Chou's son's face

TAIPEI: A photo showing the face of Taiwanese pop king Jay Chou's son, Romeo, has been accidentally leaked by television host Matilda Tao.
On Wednesday, Tao posted on Facebook a picture of a sticky rice gift box Chou sent her for the celebration of his second child's birth, but quickly deleted it after netizens noticed a small baby photo in the box, said Apple Daily. But by then, some netizens had saved the picture.
Chou and his wife, actress Hannah Quinlivan, are protective of their children's privacy and share only side and back views of the children on social media.
Romeo was born in June. His sister, Hathaway, is two years old.
Another of Chou's friends, singer Jody Chiang, was more careful on Wednesday. She received the gift box, too, and shared a photo of it on Facebook, but only after pixelating Romeo's face out.
She also said she had met Chou's daughter, who called her "Big Sister" and said Big Sister was more beautiful than Quinlivan.
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