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How to prevent data loss on Android phone using a Windows 10 computer

Moving data between a Windows 10 computer and an Android smartphone connected via USB may result in data loss, the German tech magazine "c't" reports. 
Particularly at risk are MTP protocol-based connections between a computer and a phone. If you move files around in the phone memory or on an inserted memory card using the Explorer on your computer, you may end up losing your data.
However, this doesn't affect the file exchange between computers and smartphones. Everything should work as it's supposed to, says "c't."
As a solution, the experts recommend that you first copy files to your computer and then transfer them to the final location in the phone memory.
The experts didn't experience similar issues when working with Windows 8 and Windows 7.
According to "c't," newer Samsung smartphones and BlackBerry models Priv and KEYone are also not affected.

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