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Government eases limit for foreign workers

KULAI: Export-oriented manufacturers can apply for 100% foreign workforce to fill low-level jobs in line with the Government’s aim to maintain Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global supply chain.
Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said priority would be given to manufacturing companies that export their products, but for production workers only.
He said the main problem faced by the companies was the lack of manpower needed to expand their business to meet the growing demand from international buyers.
Nur Jazlan said these companies have to prove they have the capacity and ability.
He said VS Industry’s competitors are in China and without an expansion and foreign workers, the company risked losing its customers.
It is ranked 28th in the world for electronics manufacturing services.
Nur Jazlan said the decision was made because Malaysians were not keen to work in production lines.
He added that the ratio of local to foreign workers in the manufacturing sector was 1:3.
Nur Jazlan said companies need to apply through the International Trade and Industry Ministry, which would give its recommendation to the Home Ministry for consideration.
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