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Search-and-rescue team finds left leg and head of crocodile attack victim

BETONG: After three days, a search-and-rescue team found the left leg and head of a 31-year-old crocodile attack victim at Sungai Kuala Besar, Pusa here.
Family members confirmed that the left leg and head found by the team belonged to Bentayan Ilah.
The body parts were found at 1pm and 2.23pm about 20km from the scene of the incident at Kampung Sabang.
Family members had reported on Sunday that the victim while fishing in Sungai Kuala Besar was attacked by a crocodile.
The team involved seven firemen, five policemen and five Civil Defence Department personnel. About 100 villagers in 20 boats were also involved in the operation.
The operation to locate the victim continues.
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