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Saravanan denies involvement in Tamil Malar fracas

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk M. Saravanan has denied that he was involved in a quarrel involving two groups at the office of Tamil Malar in Jalan Ipoh here.  
Saravanan, who is also a member of MIC's central working committee, said he was there to settle the quarrel between the groups on Tuesday.    
“I have nothing to do with it. Some people told me of the incident and it so happened I was at Wilayah MIC's office which is near the daily's office. So I went to look into the situation. I did not bring anybody with me to the place.  
“When I was at the location, the two groups were pushing each other and I was present to prevent it from worsening,” he said when contacted on Tuesday.  
Saravanan said he had directed both parties to lodge a police report and leave the matter to the police for investigation.  
“If there were issues they were not happy about, they should make a police report and let the police investigate who is right and who is wrong,” said Saravanan.  
Dang Wangi police chief ACP Mohd Sukri Kaman confirmed receiving reports on the incident from two parties, adding that investigations were being carried out.   
A local news portal reported a quarrel between the groups following a Tamil Malar report against Saravanan, who is also MIC Federal Territory liaison committee chairman.
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