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Prepping baby panda for trip back to China

KUALA LUMPUR: Cutie panda baby Nuan Nuan is the darling at the Giant Panda Conservation Centre in Zoo Negara.
But this adorable ball of fluff can at times be a headache for the keepers who clean up the enclosure area.
“She is really naughty, just like a child. When we sweep the area, she loves to run up to us and cling to our legs.
“Even when we make her sit, she will come down to disturb us and sometimes push over the dustbin,” said 24-year-old Muhammad Syaza Syazwan.
Nuan Nuan, which means warmth, is the first Malaysian-born panda cub.
“She is very close to her mother, sleeps by her side and spends most of the time with her.
“It is so nice to see the mother and daughter at play,” added Muhammad Syaza.
However, Nuan Nuan will be returning to China, to the Giant Panda Santuaries in Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, soon.
Nuan Nuan is the offspring of Xing Xing and Liang Liang.
The pair came to Malaysia in 2014 on a 10-year loan from China.
Muhammad Syaza said Nuan Nuan is being prepared to ensure a smooth journey to China.
He said the cub is kept in a small cage once a week for 30 minutes so that she can get used to the enclosed condition during the air and road travel.
“We started the training some time in mid-August. We also separate her from her mother.
“We want her to get used to not seeing her mother,” said Muham-mad Syaza.
He also noticed that Liang Liang gets stressed when she does not get to see her daughter for a long time.
“We are worried about the mother, too.
“At times, Liang Liang refuses to eat when Nuan Nuan is not sent to her,” said Muhammad Syaza.
Meanwhile, Liang Liang’s Malay-sian “adopter” Chin Chet Mooi said Nuan Nuan resembles her father Xing Xing.
“She is smart like her mother but follows her father when it comes to behaviour and looks,” said Chin.
Chin, who volunteers at the conservation centre here, said Nuan Nuan is also able to understand the Sichuan dialect, thanks to one of her keepers from China.
“She is ready when she goes back to China.
“She will be able to understand the dialect there,” said Chin.
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