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Police keeping close eye on music festivals

PETALING JAYA: Police are keeping a watchful eye out for so-called "music festivals" after uncovering that some are used as a guise for gatherings involving drugs.
In a statement, Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Mazlan Mansor said some organisers were trying to hoodwink authorities by using social media as the main tool for invite guests.
"They promote their events through WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and other similar platforms and brand it as music gatherings when they are actually drug and liquor fests," he said.
He said such organisers target partygoers aged between 16 and 45.
"Guests are also charged an entrance fee," he said, adding that such parties would be held in condominiums or hotels.
Comm Mazlan warned organisers that police are constantly on the look out for such gatherings and will not hesitate to take action.
"I advise parents to observe the company their children keep. Such gatherings are dangerous and unhealthy," he said.
He said those caught attending such events could face charges under the Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985 as well as the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.
"Those found abusing drugs can be charged under Section 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act and be imprisoned for up to two years or fined up to RM5,000," he said.
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