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Muslim-only launderette now open to all

KANGAR: The owner of the launderette in Jalan Kampung Bakau here which served only Muslims has decided to extend its services to non-Muslims.
Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin said the decision was made after he and the Raja Muda of Perlis visited the shop on Thursday night.
"After the visit by the Raja Muda Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail and me, and after 'family like' discussions and explanation, the owner agreed to cover the signage that state the laundry is dedicated for Muslim use only and will now extend his services to all," Dr Mohd Asri said in a WhatsApp message on Friday.
A visit to the launderette revealed that sign had been covered with paper.
Earlier, when speaking to reporters at the state-level Maal Hijrah celebration at Dewan Warisan here, he said the owner had been advised that such segregation was not right and does not follow the teachings of Islam.
However, he said that it was not wrong for the owner to operate a launderette with an Islamic concept, that is equipped with a surau and has versus from the Quran being played over the system.
Dr Mohd Asri reiterated that there is no problem in Muslims and non-Muslims sharing the washing machines at launderettes "as long as there are no visible unclean elements".
He said Islamic teachings were not meant to be a burden to the people but to make things easier for them.
Mohd Asri advised Muslims that if the origin of a thing is clean, and there is no sign of dirt (najis), be it through its colour, smell or taste, then it is considered clean.
He also advised people to not easily assume and make judgments until the "dirt" (najis) is clearly seen.
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