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Minor earthquake hits Ranau

KOTA KINABALU: A 3.9-magnitude earthquake hit Ranau Friday morning, sparking concern among residents.
The quake, occurring at a depth of seven kilometres, lasted for about 10 seconds and could be felt in the Ranau district and its surrounding areas including Kundasang some 15km away.
According to the Meteorological Department website, the quake occurred at about 11.14am.
"It was stronger that what we usually feel so we were a bit concerned," said a villager in Kundasang who only wanted to be known as Sika.
She hoped that they would never have to go through another deadly earthquake like the 6.0-magnitude one that hit Mount Kinabalu two years ago again.
Since the June 5, 2015 quake which killed 18 people, Ranau and Kundasang have been hit with aftershocks and minor quakes.
The State Fire Department also said that they had not received any reports of damages or casualties following the quake.
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