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Michael Chong: Beware of 'hired killer' con job

KUALA LUMPUR: Conmen are using a new tactic to extort money - they claim to be hired killers, says Datuk Seri Michael Chong (pix).
The head of the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department said in one of the cases, an insurance agent was told that he had offended "someone" and a killer was hired to finish him off.
"He received voice recordings (of the threat) through WhatsApp. We would like to remind the public to beware of such tactics," Chong told reporters at Wisma MCA.
In the voice recording which was played at the press conference, a voice was heard saying "I am just here for the money. I could have shot you just now."
The "hired killer" also implied that the insurance agent would be "safe" if he gave him the money fast.
Chong said in this case, the targeted victim was not cheated as he realised the call could be a scam.
Chong said four such cases were reported this year. There was three last year.
Previously, he said conmen would pretend to be police officers or kidnappers threatening to get their victims' children.
"From what we understand, the conmen could be using information available on orbituaries published in newspapers with addresses, phone numbers and names," he added.
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