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Man thought foetus was a ‘dead cat’

POLICE are investigating a man’s claim that the “dead cat” his friend asked him to bury was a foetus, Kosmo! reported.
The incident happened last Tuesday at the Public Works Department (JKR) quarters in Puchong when the friend asked him to help bury a cat which had been run over by his girlfriend.
However, the man suspected something amiss on Saturday when he learned that the woman had an abortion the day he was asked to help.
Serdang OCPD ACP Megat Mohamad Aminuddin Megat Alias said a police forensics team was sent to the scene to retrieve the foetus for a post-mortem.
He said the man and the couple were detained for further investigations.
> Police in Terengganu are looking for a married couple believed to have stolen donation boxes meant for religious schools, Harian Metro reported.
Kerteh OCPD Supt Mohd Said Ibrahim said the couple, a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s, were captured on CCTV stealing the donation box at a petrol station at about 2pm on Sunday.
He said the recording showed the man removing the donation box while engaging the cashiers in conversation and pretending to buy some items.
Supt Mohd Said said police had received an earlier report on a similar case and appealed to the public to come forward with information.
> It is not all about beauty for Malaysians. This was the result of an experiment by local singer Hazama Azmi (pic), whose video of himself singing while disguised as an unkempt homeless man went viral recently, Utusan Malaysia reported.
Hazama said he teamed up with local music group Rocketfuel to carry out the experiment, where he sang along the five-foot way in Jalan Bukit Bintang last week.
“The project was to gauge the response of the people, to see if they were attrac­ted to the talent of a person or his appea­rance,” he said.
The video, which depicted a long-haired and bearded Hazama in shorts and flip-flops, was uploaded on YouTube and attracted 800,000 views.
He said some viewers recognised him from his voice when he sang his song Aku Yang Sebenarnya.
“I wanted to test my ability to sing incognito in front of people without my true identity and also the publicity,” he added.
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