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Hungry for revenge, during the Hungry Ghost festival

KUALA LUMPUR: A man hungry for revenge landed himself a fine for beating up an acquaintance who was in the middle of his Hungry Ghost festival prayers.
Contractor Chia Kee Won, 32, was fined RM3,000 by magistrate Mahyudin Mohamad Som on Tuesday after pleading guilty to hitting coffeeshop owner Yeoh Boon Chin, 36, with a metal rod.
Chia had attacked Yeoh at a parking lot along Jalan Metro Perdana, Timur Kepong, in Sentul here at around 3am on Aug 31.
According to the facts of the case read in court, Yeoh was performing his prayers in front of his store when Chia confronted him in an agitated state.
Chia accused Yeoh of revealing his home address to an illegal moneylender to whom he owed money.
Yeoh had reportedly done so because he was the one who had introduced Chia to the moneylender, who was now demanding that Yeoh settle the debt.
The two men began to argue, and when Yeoh attempted to call his friends for help, Chia whipped out a 60cm-long metal rod and hit him over the head, stunning him.
Following a police report by Yeoh, police from the Sentul police headquarters went to Chia's home, where they found him hiding in a closet.
Chia, who was unrepresented, admitted to the facts of the case.
Deputy Public Prosecutor Nur Farah Adilah Noordin acted for the prosecution.
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