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Food trucks pull in big crowds at venues

KUALA LUMPUR: Food truck operators are flying the Malaysian flag high at the venues of the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games and Para Games.
Among the big crowd-pullers at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MiTEC) and the National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil are Uncle Bob’s fried chicken, Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit and drinks seller Crazy Big Cup.
The staff of the three food trucks have worked hard during the SEA Games and are now looking forward to brisk business at the Asean Para Games, which began yesterday and will end on Sept 23.
Mohd Nazri Samsudin, 34, who operates Uncle Bob’s fried chicken food truck, said the support from Malaysians and foreigners had been overwhelming.
He said people were making a beeline for their truck because of their cleanliness and food quality.
“The Health Ministry is very strict and they conduct spot checks quite often.
“We have athletes and coaches buying our products, which I think is a good sign,” he said.
Mohd Nazri said his truck was based in Bukit Jalil for the SEA Games, but unfortunately, he didn’t get to watch any of the events.
Ahmad Syafiq Mohamad, 21, who is one of the three staff members operating the Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit food truck, said their dish was a hit with Thai fans and athletes.
“Most of our customers during the SEA Games were Thais, as it seems that they have similar food like ours in Thailand,” he added.
Culinary student Muhammad Hazzudin Nor Salini, who works part-time with the Crazy Big Cup food truck, said he got to improve his communication skills, especially English, when dealing with customers.
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