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Cat in mourning refuses to leave master’s grave

LANGKAWI: A video clip of a white cat (pic) refusing to leave its master’s grave at the Al-Hidayah Mosque in Kelibang here has gone viral.
The clip has been shared more than 22,000 times since it was uploaded at 2.42pm yesterday by Facebook user Soffuan CZ.
He wrote that his grandfather Ismail Mat passed away on Sunday shortly after he visited him.
“While the talqin was being read at the funeral, the white cat came and started circling the grave.
“My grandfather was the only one who cared for the cat while he was alive,” he further wrote.
Efforts to make the cat leave by the relatives were futile as it insisted on remaining there.
Netizens were unhappy at how the cat was being treated.
One wrote that an animal will also feel sad when its master dies and it should be allowed to mourn.
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