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American tourist on river journey from Brunei to Kuching gets boat stuck in Sungai Limpaong

MIRI: An American adventure-tourist, who was trying to sail along a 1000km water route from Brunei to Kuching, had to be rescued after his houseboat was stranded in Sungai Limpaong.
Jonathan Wayne Selby (pic), 71, was rescued by Fire and Rescue Department personnel from the Limbang fire station at 8am Tuesday morning.
Selby's houseboat was stuck after it became entangled with iron-chains from a timber barge, said Limbang fire chief Zakaria Matnor.
The American tourist is from New Jersey and has been on a Borneo adventure for the past two weeks ago.
"His houseboat was a modified boat without engine.
"It relies totally on the river current and wind to move along the river.
"He was trying to sail all the way to Kuching when his boat got stuck in Sungai Limpaong.
Selby was unhurt in the incident.
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