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Amanah claims it can reduce motorcycle emissions and fuel usage

PETALNG JAYA: Parti Amanah Negara claims that it can reduce emissions from motorcycles and boost their fuel efficiency with the use of a floppy, cigarette-shaped additive which Datuk Husam Musa claimed had sound scientific basis.
"This is not magic but science," said the Amanah vice-president in a video that has been uploaded on YouTube.
"Although we live in a world filled with modern technology, it does not mean that we have to destroy the earth and its environment with our way of life," he said.
In the video, Husam is seen giving out the additive, which is to be placed inside the fuel tank, which he claims will reduce fuel consumption and black smoke emissions by motorcycles.
He explained that the "science" involved the burning of the fuel molecules, which becomes more rounded (bulat) and solid, and allows it to combust completely until it "increases the motorcycle's capacity".
Giving the example of a 115-horsepower motorcycle, he said it could only reach "speeds" of 90 or 100 horsepower without the additive.
Husam asked the group of motorcyclists present to list their names down so that he could have a report on the efficacy of the device.
"If it is successful, Pakatan – especially Amanah in Kelantan – will distribute this additive with discounts to motorist in Kelantan so that they can save fuel and reduce the smoke and carbon emissions," he said.
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