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Voice recordings slamming MBPP for allegedly locking assessment defaulters house making its rounds

GEORGE TOWN: Several voice recordings, condemning the Penang Island City Council’s (MBPP) action in allegedly locking up the house of a ratepayer who defaulted on assessment payment, is now being widely circulated.
In the 34-second voice clip, an unknown man is heard lashing out at the Penang state government, in Hokkien.
"The DAP-led Penang government is very heartless.
"You locked up someone's house. What if there are people sleeping inside? What if there is a fire? The occupants will be burnt alive. What is someone suffers a heart attack or any emergency?" he said.
In another voice recording, about 17-seconds-long, a different man was heard slamming the Penang government, also in Hokkien.
"Tell your friends to pay up their assessment or their houses will be locked up, irrespective of whether there are anyone at home.
"You don't find such things happening in the past. The current state government is desperate for money. They are behaving like Ah Long," he is heard saying.
A photo, showing a ratepayer's house being locked up, is also circulating in social media.
It is learnt that the ratepayer's house was locked up over a RM600 outstanding assessment arrears for two years.
Penang Island City Council secretary Yew Tung Seang did not respond to the New Straits Times’ queries on the matter.
However, on the council's official Facebook page, there is a media release, explaining the seizure exercise against premises which had failed to settle assessment payments for two years.
The release, issued by the Management Services Department's corporate communications and public relations unit several hours ago, drew reference to the photo widely circulated on social media.
"All this while, the council, just like other local councils, will act against premises with arrears.
"A notice to seize the movable assets will be issued to the owner/tenant by hand, or pasted on the door if its owner/tenant is not in. If no payment is made within two weeks, the council will seize the movable items under the Local Government Act 1976.
"As such, we urge all ratepayers to settle their assessment arrears to avoid such action," said the statement.

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