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(Update) Selangor PPBM youths stage protest against Deputy PM over Tun M's personal information

KUALA LUMPUR: Supporters of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today gave Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi seven days to apologise to the former prime minister.
Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Selangor youth chief Adhif Syan Abdullah, during a protest at the Parliament's entrance, said Zahid had crossed the line when he revealed Dr Mahathir's private information.
Adhif Syan said this in relation to Zahid's remark on Sunday when he gave out details of Dr Mahathir’s alleged identity card (IC), which bore the name “Mahathir anak lelaki (son of) Iskandar Kutty”.
"He mocked Dr Mahathir's heritage and revealed his personal information.
“That's an immature and desperate action just to get votes," he said during the protest which involved about 15 PPBM youth members.
It was reported that several police reports have been lodged against Zahid and National Registration Department director-general Datuk Mohd Yazid Ramli over the matter.
The complainants have accused Zahid and Yazid of abusing their powers and breaching the Personal Data Protection Act. According to Zahid, he had received the information on Dr Mahathir from Yazid.
Also present during the protest was Kuala Lumpur PPBM youth chief Zahin Zainal who described Zahid's remark as slanderous and embarrassing.
"As a Malaysian, I'm now worried if my personal information can be leaked by any civil servants. Did Zahid forgot his oath when he became the DPM (deputy prime minister) and Home Minister?
"Dr Mahathir's information is private and protected under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Private information cannot be disseminated at his (Zahid's) own will.
"We want to know why he did it. Was it for political mileage? And we want the director-general to apologise to Dr Mahathir as well," he said.
Yesterday, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim had reportedly said that the police would investigate the case if there was sufficient grounds to do so.
According to Noor Rashid, the reports lodged were now being scrutinised by the prosecuting team.

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