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Umno fights for all, not just Malays

IPOH: Barisan Nasional has been the defender of the people over the years, and Umno is accepted as the party that fights not only for the interests of the Malays, but also for Chinese, Indian and all ethnic groups in the country.
Umno Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa said Umno shouldn't be seen as the party that fights passionately only for Malays. Instead, it must be seen and accepted fully as an inclusive party that puts the people first.
"This party is not anti-Chinese and anti-Indian as speculated by the outsiders (Opposition). Umno is fighting for all and it is not just an ordinary party.
"This 71-year-old party was not born because someone felt uneasy or dissatisfied when his son did not get to be a prime minister. The party was born due to the spirit of friendships and togetherness in this multiracial country," he said in his speech when opening Tambun Umno division delegates meeting at Meru@Casuarina Hotel here today.
"There is no other party in the country that has genuine 'DNA' and originality like Umno. There are many parties out there who wants to replicate Umno such as Pakatan Harapan, but they can't do so.
"We can't let this country to be ruled by a weak coalition like Pakatan Harapan as it could jeopardise the future of the country and the people. They (Pakatan Harapan) didn't even have a clear mission and leader, how are they going to lead?" he added.
Annuar added that he was planning to conduct a tour through out the country to meet a small group of people and giving them an explanation on the spirit of fighting in Umno.
The tour would be conducted after the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Saturday had told the party members in Machang, Kelantan that they must have the three principles of spirit, unity among leadership and “walla'” or loyalty to their leaderships to ensure that their struggle was successful.
“The tour will be done soon after we finish with the Umno division delegate meetings in the country. We will talk about the fundamental or basis of fighting instead of talking about issues.
“We shouldn’t be talking about issues such as 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) because such matter would never see a stop. What people need to know is the fundamental of fighting as BN component parties,” he added.

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