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Two-year-old dies from hornet attack

BESUT: Two-year-old girl Puteri Nur Aisya Azahar become the second victim in the district to die from a hornet attack.
She was stung by a swarm of hornets near her house in Kampung Lay Out Tok Has, here, on Wednesday.
According to the victim’s mother Rubiyah Ismail, 45, Nur Aisya was playing near a food stall several metres away from their house when the incident occurred at 12.45 pm on Wednesday.
Her father Ismail Mat Ali, 69, who heard the victim shouting for help, rushed to her aid but found found Nur Aisya unconscious.
"Nur Aisya’s father saw her being stung by hornets all over her body and tried to rescue, but she was already stung some 10 times.
She said Nur Aisya was sent to the Besut Hospital but was later transferred to the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital in Kuala Terengganu for further treatment.
"My daughter's condition become critical at 4am today as her kidney failed," she said, adding that she died at 4.30am.
She was laid to rest at the Kampung Pasir Akar muslim cemetery after the Zohor prayer today.
Rubiyah said the hornet build its nest near an abandoned food stall several metres away from their house.
Twelve days ago, an eight-year-old boy Muhammad Adrian Aiman Mohd Rosmin, died after being stung by more than 60 hornets while playing with friends at the jungle near Kampung Beting Lintang, in Kampung Raja

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