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Two men charged with murder of friend whose charred remains found in car

KULAI: Two self-employed men were charged at the magistrate’s court today with the murder of their 28-year-old friend, whose charred remains were found in a car in Kampung Melayu, Bukit Batu, near here, last month.
Hon Lih Ting, 32, and Cheng Pei Hwa, 33, were charged before magistrate Ahmad Farid Ahmad Kamal under Section 302 of the Penal Code for the murder of Lam Koh Poh. No pleas were recorded.
According to the facts of the case, Hon and Cheng were alleged to have committed the murder at a paved road in Kampung Melayu Jalan Kulai-Simpang Renggam, Bukit Batu near here between midnight and 2am on July 16.
Earlier reports stated that police investigations had revealed that Lam’s body was believed to have been placed in the car and set alight by his killer or killers in order to conceal any evidence of the crime.
The charges were brought by police prosecuting officer Inspector Mohd Ruslan Mohamed. Hon was represented by counsel Yap Che Kai while Cheng was represented by Muhammad Abd Kadir.
The court set Oct 16 for mention and allowed for Cheng’s request, which was made through his lawyer, for him to be treated for a bruised left eye.
Johor Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Azman Ayob said the two men charged for murder were among four suspects initially detained in the case.
He said there were two other men, aged 35 and 37, detained in the case. They were released on court bond of RM30,000 each today.
“The victim’s identity was determined after a DNA comparison with samples taken from his mother and sister. The Johor CID and Kulai CID, however, solved the murder before the identity was confirmed through DNA.”

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