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Taser guns for Penang cops

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Trained police personnel in Penang will soon be armed with a Taser or conducted electrical weapon, said state police chief Comm Datuk Wira Chuah Ghee Lye.
“These policemen will have a X26 Taser gun besides being armed with a pistol and baton.
“It is good to have another less lethal weapon when enforcing the law,” he told reporters after closing the one-day Taser gun training course at the district police headquarters in Jalan Perda Utama here yesterday.
Comm Chuah added that only those who have been trained and certified are allowed to carry and use the Taser gun which can be effective in situations where the suspect is unsound or violent.
“The front liners such as those in patrol cars, motorcycle patrol units and tourist police units will be the ones carrying the Taser guns.
“Penang has 90 Taser guns which will be distributed to the trained and certified policemen in the five districts,” he said.
Comm Chuah said the policemen were trained to shoot below the chest and never in the face when using the Taser.
“The 50,000-volt shock from the Taser is powerful enough to immobilise a suspect for us to move in for the arrest.”
The darts fired by the Taser gun are trailed by a 7m-long wire which will deliver the electric current for five seconds.
Eighty-six police personnel took part in the training course organised by the Penang Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department.
Also present were Penang Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department head Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohamad Anil Shah and his deputy Asst Comm Baharom Abu.
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