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Taiwan troupe dances its way to folks’ hearts

TAPAH: For one evening, an international dance troupe from Taiwan and local independent schools held Bidor residents enthralled with a variety of cultural and contemporary dances.
Performers from the Tai Nan Lan Ling troupe and students of Yuk Choy High School and Poi Lam High School donned beautiful Chinese traditional costumes to perform a series of 11 dances.
From red fans and vibrant lights to fanciful, elegant outfits, they brought colour and graceful moves to the audience at the SMJK Choong Hua school hall in Bidor.
Saturday’s event, Merdeka Cultural Night, was part of a four-day Cultural Festival held in conjunction with the upcoming National Day celebrations.
It was organised by the Perak Non-Islamic Affairs Department, Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association and Perak Art Society.
Before the start of the performances, Perak Non-Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said the Chinese community should unite to promote their culture and education among Malay­sian society.
“It is only by working together that our country would be on track for rapid development,” he said.
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