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Social Etiquette remains inadequate despite repeated reminders by RapidKL

KUALA LUMPUR: Some commuters continue in paying no heed to train riding etiquette despite repeated reminders by RapidKL.
In its Facebook page on Friday, it shared two pictures of commuters occupying more than one seat with one of the hashtags read #satuorangsatukerusi.
Prior to the post, RapidKL also had a series of postings with cheeky captions reminding everyone to adhere to the rules.
It also resorted to deploying Annabelle, a “cursed, demonic doll”, to remind the commuters to behave accordingly while on board.
Prasarana Malaysia Berhad head of group communications and strategic marketing, Lim Jin Aun when contacted yesterday it would continue to educate the commuters on the importance of good train-riding etiquette.
“It is an on-going going effort for us to educate the commuters and the public in general of positive social etiquette when using public transport and public properties.
“We also hope that the commuters could also help us to discreetly censure unpleasant behaviours that they observed while on-board,” he said.
For the purpose Lim said Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd, which manages the Rapid KL urban rail services, on Aug 1 has introduced a special mobile number +6010-766 4472 for the commuters to share images and feedback of their travel experience and encounters while taking the LRT, MRT, and monorail services.
“Under the initiative, commuters are encouraged to share their feedback with Rapid KL by sending a Whatsapp message to the number,” he said.
Rapid Rail manages the LRT Kelana Jaya Line, LRT Ampang Line, LRT Sri Petaling Line, KL monorail Line, as well as the new MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line.
Commenting on feedback from the commuters Lim said: “The response has been excellent and we have received many visuals from the users.
“We sincerely appreciate the support from them, both in sharing of images and visuals and our effort to generate greater awareness on positive social etiquette on-board as well as in public places.”
He said among the common offences recorded include eating and drinking on-board, occupying more than one seat, not giving up space to those in need as well as parents or guardians not attending well their children.
“We also received a visual on-board of drink spillage and discarded tissues on the seats on our KL monorail line.
“The seats could not be used until a housekeeping staff was called in to clear the mess. Such inconsiderate action had caused inconvenience and discomfort to fellow commuters.”
Meanwhile a reader, Wan Kadir, said there is nothing wrong with naming and shaming.
“Sometimes, humiliation is the only way to knock sense into people. I think RapidKL should take it a step further and publish the faces of these people.
“These are not kids, they are adults. Putting your bags on a seat next to you when you see people standing, that reeks of selfishness and poor upbringing.
“Shame these people let their friends, family and colleagues see just what sort of behaviour they have.”

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