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S'gor Fire and Rescue Dept mulls training foreign workers as emergency first responders

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Fire and Rescue Department is planning to start utilising foreign workers as its workplace Emergency Response Teams' (ERTs) first responders.
The plan was aimed at training the foreigners to put out fire and assist in other related incidents at the workplace, as they now make up huge percentage of workforce especially in factories.
Its director Azmi Osman said it was timely to get the foreigners, who make a living from working in the country, to contribute in keeping their workplace safe.
"Most industries especially in manufacturing today use foreigners in their workforce. These foreigners are earning money here, so, besides making a living and sending their earnings back to their families, this is a way for them to contribute.
"Many factories today are running 24 hours, and the foreign workers will be at their workplace most of the time.
"Thus, they can definitely help in case any incident like fire or workplace accident occur as first responders while waiting for authorities to arrive," Azmi told reporters at New Straits Times Press' Balai Berita 2 printing plant in Section U8, here on Wednesday.
He was there on an official visit to the plant and NSTP Editorial office. Also present were Selangor FRD assistant director of operations Mohd Sani Harul, assistant director of fire safety Azizan Ismail, among others.
Azmi, who was previously Kelantan FRD director before being transferred to Selangor in April, said the foreign workers however must have valid employment documents and registered with the Immigration Department before they can receive training from Selangor FRD.
During the visit, Azmi said they plan to implement the idea soon, and hoped to have it started at NSTP printing plant as it also uses foreign workers, many of whom are involved in newspaper sorting works late in the evening.
Meanwhile, on the department's cooperation with the media, he said Selangor FRD wants to establish a good working relation with media industry players to help them disseminate safety awareness to the public.
He said members of the press are important partners of FRD, who can contribute in increasing awareness through their writings and reports.
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