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Melaka mail getting mixed up

RESIDENTS in several housing areas in Melaka are sounding the alarm over the alarming number of mail wrongly delivered to their homes by Pos Malaysia.
Insurance agent Jackie Chan, 45, from Jalan Semabok Jaya, said he was concerned by the lackadaisical attitude of postmen.
“I am not a postman, but I have, on numerous occasions, ended up doing their job.
“It irritates me to get mail that is not mine, and I have to walk to my neighbour’s house in another street to put it in their mailbox.”
Another resident, who wanted to be known only as Chua, 35, who lives nearby, shared his sentiment.
“I don’t think this is an oversight on the postman’s part, but a tidak-apa attitude.
“Sometimes, the addresses have different postal codes
and should not even be mixed up.”
Chua expressed concern that some of his private and confidential letters may fall into the wrong hands.
“There have been instances where I did not receive private and confidential statements from banks and had to call them to resend them to me.
“I suspect that they must have been sent to other addresses and not delivered to me.”
Another resident, Robin Hau, 35, who lives in Taman Saujana Permai, also complained about the issue.
“In just two months, I have received two letters that were wrongly delivered to my house.
“I had to walk two streets 
away from my house to deliver them.
“If it’s another taman, then sorry,” he said in jest.
A Pos Malaysia spokesman said that the matter would be relayed to its branch managers for investigation.
“The branch managers must interview residents. Then they also need to question the postmen before taking action.”

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