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Indonesian netizens swoon over Khairy

PUTRAJAYA: The 29th Kuala Lumpur Sea Games is not short of athletes stealing the limelight for their impressive achievements, sports skills and well .... good looks.
One such person is Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who appears to have gained new fans from Indonesia.
Sinar Harian reported that Khairy, who is also competing in the polo event at the games, caught the attention of Indonesian netizens during his handling of the recent upside-down flag gaffe.
Indonesian Twitter user @falla_adinda in a post wrote: There is a positive thing out of this upside-down flag incident. We now know that Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister is handsome.
Another tweeter @andriya90050835 said: Malaysian athletes must be highly motivated when they train.
To which another user @imdaniall replied: Not just highly motivated, female athletes might even faint by looking at him.
On Facebook, Indonesian user Gusthida Budiartie said in reference to the upside-down flag incident: Now you've turned my heart upside down, sir.
In the Sea Games booklet, the Indonesian flag was printed upside down, causing an uproar among Indonesians recently.
In response, Khairy apologised to his Indonesian counterpart Imam Nahrawi, who had pointed out the error. Khairy later also met Imam and the Indonesian delegation to make a personal apology
Indonesian President Joko Widodo later commented that the matter was regrettable, but also called for it not to be prolonged.
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