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Hunt for foreign terrorist fighters continues with raids also focusing on possible radioactive threats

CYBERJAYA: Counter-terrorism operatives mounted its second round of raids last night to smoke out possible foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) who could be hiding inthe country.
This time, the operatives from Bukit Aman's Counter-Terrorism Division (E8) took it a notch up, bringing along with them Personal Radiation devices (PRD) to detect radioactive materials.
Its chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay who led the raid said the devices used in the massive operations last night were also useful to his men as they had in the past
entered target areas at the risk of being exposed to radioactive materials.
"With the devices we would be able to detect radioactive materials beforehand and retreat to call in specialists to neutralise the area," he said.
Ayob said PRD or the RadEye would also be used during the upcoming Sea Games to detect possible terror elements involving the use of radioactive materials.
Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) director-general Hamrah Mohd Ali said a total of 95 PRD, 8 radiation backpacks and 8 hand held identifiers would be used by the police during the games.
The PRD, costing about 5,000€ (RM25,173) each is a sensitive device that could detect radiation within a 50-metre radius, and that those packed in backpacks could be used to scan larger areas.
"Policemen and AELB officers who are trained to use the devices will be deployed to event venues, officials' accommodations and airports, to detect possible threats," he said adding that x-ray machines would also be used to check for weapons.
During the operations, the police's E8, along with Internal Security and Public Order Department, forensics, the K9 unit, Special Action (UTK) and Bomb Disposal units were deployed to Neo Cyber, a commercial area here. The raids started at 9pm.
The police team were also joined by personnel fron AELB as well as the Immigration and National Registration departments.
Ayob said the operation targeted Cyberjaya as there were possibilities of the presence of FTFs from Syria and Iraq.
More than 100 foreigners especially from "high-risk" countries such including Syria and Iraq were rounded up and taken to Sepang district police station for screening.
"We will go through the database to ensure that they are not in the wanted list of FTFs that we are tracking down," Ayob told reporters when met at the operation.
The operation saw doors being broken down, policemen entering shops and shophouses being checked.
The team also conducted checks on passing cars to make sure they did not miss any foreigners.
It reported that authorities believed that at least 16 FTFs deported from Turkey in recent months, could be hiding in the country.

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