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Green Myvi driver in viral video says sorry

KUALA LUMPUR: A motorist who was caught on dashboard camera “bullying” another road user in Subang Jaya, has apologised for his action.
His defence was that he lost his temper because he was tired.
His “victim”, a lady driver, shared screenshots of a conversation between her and the driver in question who is believed to be a student, in his early 20s.
The conversation started with him offering an apology to the victim via the application Facebook Messenger.
He is believed to have done so after the footage of the Saturday incident where he was driving his green Perodua Myvi, made its round on the social media.
The clip of the 1pm drama, drew the wrath of netizens who were unhappy with his erratic and provocative driving.
"Actually on that day, I was really tired because I did not sleep at all," he said.
The video ended soon after another road user walked up to the man, telling him to drive off. His car was at that point blocking the woman’s and causing a traffic congestion.
He explained that he was weaving from the right to the left lane and had then indicated to reenter the right lane.
That was when, he said that the victim sounded her horn for a few seconds.
He then decided to tailgate the victim to “seek an explanation”, adding that he had no intention of harassing the victim.
“It's my mistake that I was not able to control my anger at that time."
The victim accepted his apology but said she would not retract the police report lodged against him.
It is learnt the Myvi, with the Probationary Driving License sticker visible on the windscreen, belongs to the man’s father.
Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari meanwhile said yesterday that the police would summon both parties to have their statements recorded.
The is being investigated under Section 42(1) Road Transport Act 1987, for dangerous and reckless driving.

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