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Double murder: Two security guard found dead with multiple slash wounds

KLANG: Two security guards were found dead with multiple slash wounds at a poultry factory in Jalan Bukit Kuda, Kampung Kuantan here this afternoon.
Police believed the victims identified as Syed Mohd Fazrul Syed Mohd Ridhuan, 23, and Wan Amir Abu Hassan, 48, were killed using a meat cleaver based on the injuries they sustained.
Klang Utara district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mazelan Paijan said police believed the victims were killed two days ago as their remains had started to decompose.
"The owner went to the factory about 1pm to check on the victims after he failed to contact them the past two days.
"Upon arriving at the factory, he caught whiff of a stench that came from the inside of a room, which was locked from the outside.
"He then unlocked the room, before finding the victims sprawled in a pool of blood," he told reporters at the scene.

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